Welcome to Urban Glam Life, a niche lifestyle and shopping brand. Our website provides you a gateway to our brand where “Beauty and The Culture Meets Online Shopping”. Shop on our website or connect to our main retail outlet on Depop @urbanglamlife and browse over 250 items from our Boutique ranging from Clothes and Footwear to Accessories and Home. Get rare finds and greats deals at – http://www.depop.com/urbanglamlife

Urban Glam Life started in 2015. Since then Urban Glam Life has been developing and evolving. We reached a cross roads on April 2020 when the Covid19 Pandemic hit and many of our core members lost their 9-5’s meaning we could no longer assist and volunteer to support and continue to grow Urban Glam Life as a brand.

As a result we were forced to consider what our next steps would be because at this point we was not even a business. We just did it because we had a passion for creativity, and appreciated Diversity in Beauty and Body Positivism.

In June 2020 we launched our very own online Boutique with Depop and have since experienced a steady stream of sales as our audience benefits from the Sneakers and Clothing we source directly from the supplier at a reasonable price so we can pass on the savings to you. As a result we are now able to generate a revenue stream which can keep us building the brand and giving something back to our audience.

Street Wear and Urban Fashion is an integral part of Hip Hop and Urban Culture so it was a no brainier to incorporate this into our brand. It also brings us more satisfaction knowing we are making our customers happy as we source the best and unique designs and bring them to our audience at a discounted rate below the Retail Price.

Underwear and Lingerie was recently added as we are aware over 50% of our audience are Women and we know women tend to struggle finding quality Underwear and Lingerie at a affordable prices.

We will continue to promote Beauty and Body Positivity but our main focus is not about posting semi -nude or voluptuous women online to showcase and appreciate. We can now involve professional and aspiring models to showcase our items and where possible provide business opportunities for influencer’s to get on board our train and earn a commission.

All we ask for is your support through purchasing one of our items and spreading the word.

Thank you and we wish you a Happy Urban Glam Life Shopping Experience.