According to social media influencer, Mikayla Nogueira gaining weight is a positive thing as she gained 60 pounds back in the month of April. She was extremely candid about gaining weight which was appreciated by her followers. She went as far as to say she felt good about the weight gain after initially finding it difficult to accept her new body.

From our experience, we have seen women over the moon at the prospect of gaining a few pounds to add to their thick thighs, or an increase in the bust, or a much rounder bum. Weight gain for some can be a positive thing.

One way of taking a positive approach to weight gain is to ask – Have a gained weight in a healthy way? Regardless of what size you are, you should always try to be healthy and be the healthiest size your body can be. If the weight gain has no negative impact on your health then I guess it’s fine.

All you need now is a new “F’ing” wardrobe as Mikayla described if you have gained a few pounds and you are happy with it. Further, reinforce those positive feelings with a new wardrobe. Get some new clothes that embrace that weight gain and look great!

Below we have left you with some positive stuff about weight gain derived from the world of medicine.

“Weight Gain May Improve Body Composition

If you’re purposefully holding back on your calorie intake and exercising more at the gym, you may be missing out on the strong, fit, muscular physique you desire. To put quality effort into a workout, you must have some fuel. If you’re eating too little and hoping to sculpt your physique by putting on lean muscle, your efforts may backfire. When you eat too little, your body actually starts using lean muscle for fuel and increases body fat as it senses starvation and wants to hold onto energy reserves. If you’re too thin, you also can’t develop the muscle you want to look fit and strong; you need excess energy, in the form of calories, to put on muscle, so a very calorie-restricted diet won’t help. Gaining weight in the form of muscle improves your fat-to-muscle ratio so you look and feel healthier. Muscle is a far healthier, and more aesthetically pleasing tissue as compared to fat.

Brand New With Tags, Excellent Condition & Never Worn



Brand New With Tags, Excellent Condition & Never Worn



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