1-2 weeks ago we came across a new concept called “Erthe Coin” (ERT). This is a new cryptocurrency being developed with the aim of helping the environment. Erthe Coin wants to be used in every transaction for products and services that help support the environment and the planet.

Whenever a new cryptocurrency comes out people are quick to associate it to a scam or get rich fast digital coin, but this is far from the truth. Erthe Coin is in fact a token which has been created off the back of the Binance Blockchain. Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world with its own cryptocurrency in the form of BNB. So Erthe Coin should be seen as “BNB/ERT” as it is connected to the BNB Blockchain. This is what gives the coin its stability and authenticity. So to call Erthe Coin a scam means you would be calling BNB a scam, and that is obviously not possible. So whatever you think, Erthe Coin is in fact a legitimate coin with legitimate intentions.

Imagine a Cryptocurrency that encourages us to recycle more. A cryptocurrency that supports an industry that provides products and services that help the environment. What gives this coin more stability is the fact it has “liquidity pools”. This means as well as Erthe Coin being built of the back of the BNB Blockchain it also has money it its liquidity pool. If your tech savvy, you know what this means. It means this coin is being developed for the long term.

People are going crazy for Erthe Coin.

5,000,000 Erthe Coins has been released in the past week! And within a week 3,000,000 has already been snapped up by 5 wallet holders. It is early days as the coin is valued at 0.0000009 but with time as we throw more support for this coin, it will rise in value. There is news by early as next year Erthe Coin could be used to purchase items.

Over 3 million “Erthe Coins” has been traded traded on Pancakeswap Finance.

At Urban Glam Life we are seriously thinking about supporting the Erthe Coin and also accepting their coin as payment for our preloved clothing retail outlet at “One Size Left”. We may even invest some funds in Erthe Coin too to throw our support behind it too.

Why don’t you think of investing in a new cryptocurrency ? Erthe Coin can be traded or swapped on Pancakeswap Finance, a decentralized trading platform. Here you can get access to Erthe Coin which may also look like BNB/ERT. Simply buy yourself some Erthe Coin and sit tight as this project evolves.

Erthe Coin is here to stay and help the environment!



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