Although we have experienced some spells of rain in the UK, the sun has continues to be present gearing up to be a pleasant summer. However, not everyone is happy with what the sun brings out. Some people body shame others for wearing skimpy tops while not having the right body to rock it but a lot of confidence to believe they can. Just what is a “summer body” ?

According to Lili the modern day perception of the perfect body is having the six pack and arms you sweated so hard for or that perfect peach bum all them squats paid for. Now Lili is not saying that is the perfect body. She’s in fact sticking up for body positivity in women. She is against the idea that you should have the perfect summer body in order to enjoy the summer. No, the summer is what you make it!

So if you want to wear something adventurous then why not ? This does not mean challenge the conventions of what is considered normal but wear what makes you happy. What more can you do ? Obviously be mindful of what kids see but as adults we know what is over board.

Its that grey line, because what one person considers normal the other thinks its strange. I guess the idea is finding a balance. Show a bit but not too much. Show a lot then bring it in if its a bit too revealing.

One thing that would keep the peace is keeping your opinions to yourself in some cases. Its not everything you must say! Your honesty may not be needed or warranted. Plus you could always keep your eyes to yourself. Remember there is a Jack for every Gill! (not sure if its with G or J but you get the point).

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