Shopping from home has never been easier! Just a few swipes of the phone and your order is already on its way. No we are not trying to promote Amazon. Just trying to say shopping online has become so much easier. Another thing that has changed over the years is “Preloved Fashion” also used to describe “Vintage Clothing”. It has become so popular over the years it has become an industry on its own! More and more people are choosing preloved as a cheaper alternative to going out and buying it brand new. And why not? As soon as you buy a new pair of trainers, as soon as you take them out and wear them outside once they are technically preloved.

Some time ago we teamed up with an online Vinted store called “ONE SIZE LEFT”. Similar to us they started quite recently in 2021 and have since achieved 149 reviews selling quality preloved items. We mean everything from Dresses to trousers, shoes to trainers, even bra’s for God sake! I mean if you want to save a few quid just jump on ONE SIZE LEFT and you can find a nice preloved branded coat being sold for the lowest of prices. I believe someone bought a preloved Marks & Spencers Jacket for £10.

ONE SIZE LEFT purpose is not entirely to make a profit. It was originally started to just be a passive income while helping to support the environment through sustainable fashion. Instead of quality preloved clothes being binned, it is being sold to people who love to be unique and original. For example, I had picked up a pair of Nike Retro Air Force 2’s. I mean these were retro. Believe it or not, I got more looks to my feet than any other sneaker. People would ask me where I got them from. They were clearly preloved but the design was so captivating people had to ask.

Back to the environment. This helps all of us because Preloved shopping helps reduces the carbon footprint. Instead of wasting, we are technically re-using. More thought is going into buying newer items which means are more cautious of our money, resulting in better money management. These are just a few of the positive benefits of buying and selling preloved. EVEN YOU CAN DO IT! Simply signup up to Vinted right now and start selling the clothes you longer wear. Then use the money to buy something new. This helps the environment if you believe it or not. Plus it helps you moneywise. Trust me. Don’t watch others. Start doing it. Your missing out!

What I like to do is mix and match. If I see something unique and stand-out. I would buy it from One Size Left and then style it with my more newer branded clothes. Saves me money why not! Especially as fuel prices go up, and we are still not over the financial impacts of Covid. That is still to come.

Shopping Preloved Fashion has never been a smart idea till now. Why not do the same and see your expenditure reduce. If you want quality, style & price. Visit….


Click the link above to be taken to the”One Size Left” Vinted Store.

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