When Allcurves was at its peak as a platform on Instagram showcasing some of the most beautiful and attractive women we was made to feel it was something bad when everyone else was doing it. And more graphic may I add!!

We have brought Allcurves back in the form of the “Allcurves Society”. This will be a healthy and safe platform to discuss all things Beauty, Body Positivity and Substance. These are 3 important areas we feel make up a whole woman. Firstly, Beauty is such a widely used word but does it mean ? To us it is a combination of qualities such as shape, form, colour that pleases the aesthetic senses (in other words your eyes). This description goes for Men or Woman regardless of your preference but in this context we will be focusing on the original female.

Daily Star- Plus size model hits back at haters as she showcases curves in skimpy bikini.

Beauty for one person can be different. This does not mean you are not beautiful. This means you may mean a simple case not being attractive or attracted to someone. If we all liked the same thing I think this may be a factor for more wars but thank God we have the spice of variety. Wither she is pale, olive or Dark skin she is Beautiful in someone’s eyes. Who cares if its not yours! Wither she is slim, thick or plus-size, somebody will love her for who she is! Who cares if it won’t be you?

Beauty comes in all shales…

This is what the “Allcurves Society” is all about. If its your cup of tea here’s a sweetener, if its not, add some cold water and sit down. This is a mature platform. Moving on to Body Positivity I wish to focus on Kelly Brook. Kelly has been in the limelight for championing “Body Positivity” wither officially or unofficially. To get straight to the point Kelly has been known for representing the average and natural woman. Having a bit of size has not hindered Kelly achieving success in her modelling and actress roles. And she has done so without going into adult or glamour entertainment. She remains a household name even little kids can mention. So what is the stigma! We believe the stigma is “women will always be seen as objects of desire”. Its can be over powering even for the strongest man. I remember walking one day with my mind in the clouds and then seeing a beautiful woman just for the split second everything slows down. Like you have seen your first crush. So whenever the topic of the female body is mentioned it stirs the senses. Not only for men but for women who look at other women and desire to posses the bodies another woman posses. This is where i can get dangerous because not all bodies are meant to be the same for health reasons. Nature has a way of dictating things no matter how you change or shift it. Plus who are you you trying to look good for and do they appreciate it ? A few questions to ask when thinking of body positivity ? It is not about how sexy you are, it is about how confident you are and what positivity you can add to the world.

The Sun: KellyBrook shows off her weight loss.

Last but not least is substance. This to me is another word for “Personality”. This can go a long way to having the full package. I remember one time seeing this woman who appeared very beautiful but over time as we worked with each other she became uglier all because her personality was totally “off”. This does not mean I got rejected because a move was never made. But her treatment of me and others around her made her become so unnatractive even her own peers started to distance themselves. So it does not matter how attractive you, a bad personality will spoil it. Plus what haveyou got to share ? What are your experiences ? What are your hobbies ? Knowing the internal as well asthe external is just as important. But the choice is up to you!

Being humours and fun to be with is a very attractive personality trait.



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