The word “Fitness” is flung around whenever a gym is mentioned. What does Fitness even mean? Does it mean heading to the gym and using all weights to come out with arms more significant than the rest of your body! Or is it about doing 1 million squats to get the curviest bum but the rest of your body is out of shape! You guessed it right! That is not what fitness is all about.

“Men go straight to arms while Women tend to focus on their lower body”

These are often the stereotypes that get associated with gym and fitness. This is not what “The Fit E-Manual” is. We plan to build a community passionate about fitness. Fitness for us means being in a “Condition where the body is physically fit and healthy”. That’s right, that is when the whole body is looking and feeling good. You can start your fitness journey at any time but always ensure you get a health check before starting. You do not want to find out you have a health condition the first time you visit the gym. A mature woman tried that and realized she had a problematic ankle after just 2 minutes on the cross-trainer and she was not going too hard. I strongly recommend you do this if you are an older person.

Having a physically fit body is not the only factor. Having a healthy mind too is important. The two go hand in hand. However, for now, we will be focusing on Fitness but over time we will incorporate well-being as well as fitness into “The E-Manual”. The aim of the Fit E-Manual is to be an online source to share your passion for fitness, well-being, and positivity. You can share a video with us to inspire and motivate others…

“share your fitness videos”

Or if you have a workout you feel “The Fit E Manual” can benefit from then share it in the form of a video. For some time I had issues with my back. For whatever reason, I would have pain or be in some sort of discomfort. After doing some exercises shown to me by my Personal Trainer I found my back got a lot stronger, and doing normal activities became easier.

“Certain workout has benefits big enough to impact your daily life”

Every Sunday we will be releasing a new blog covering a new topic. This is so that you can use it for inspiration and motivation to start your week the following Monday! Happy Mondays! Give it a good kick start with a good workout!

“Look good while you workout”


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