Remember the days when you was in Primary School and the kids used to make fun of the one wearing second hand clothes ? Trust me, I lived that life! From a toddler right up to Primary School I used to wear hand me downs by other families who had kids a little older than me. I am not saying all my clothes were hand me downs but it did help when your mother is the main bread winner and managing on a single parent budget.

Fast forward 2 decades and guess what ? Its not only a trend but a “Norm”. Second hand has now upgraded to “Preloved”, and so it should be. Those making fun can only now cry! According to the Preloved and Resale of Clothing Apparel industry generated 20 billion U.S dollars in 2020. If that does not make you stand up and pay attention I do not know what will.

I mean you can walk into a Retro or Vintage store and pick up an old school tracksuit and it will be priced more expensive than a brand new tracksuit from say JD Sports and Footlocker. And one is not joking! Retro, Vintage and Preloved are some serious fashion items. I own a pair of Nike Air Max 95s from JD but at the same time I own a pair of Vintage Nike Air Force 2’s. There is nothing wrong with mixing it all up! For me it helps spreads my cost and style my wardrobe unique to me.

The purpose of this Blog is not to convince you of some get rich scheme by starting to sell your old clothes because the realities is that you will not, get rich quick that is! However, getting into the whole Preloved market means you can save money! Mix and match your items. Make your budget stretch further! You can also pick up the occasional bargain! Preloved is also a great way to shop for your kids too! Why buy a pair of new trainers which will only get ruined in a few months. You can actually buy two pairs. One new for going out and one preloved for them to ruin to their hearts content! Clever thinking ?

Below are just a few of the advantages when it comes to buying Preloved Clothing:

1. Saves Money

This is the most obvious advantage of purchasing used items. Normally these items will be a lot more affordable than purchasing the same or similar product new. Preloved items also tend to be a higher quality on some occasions as the item may have been purchased for a lot more money when it was originally purchased. Choosing to buy “preloved” items may also allow you purchase more than one item for the same amount that purchasing one item new would have cost.

2. Helps the Environment

You may not even think about it at the time but purchasing “preloved” items helps the environment. New items require manufacturing, transport and packaging which will end up in one of our many landfills. This all damages the environment one way or another. If you consider everything that is consumed daily and everything that is thrown away daily, it isn’t surprising that our environment is getting affected. Choosing to purchase a preloved item, that may have ended up being thrown away, even though the item is in perfect condition prevents the amount of waste that reaches our landfill. So, when you are considering purchasing a used item, think about how this will help the environment.

3. The Excitement

Everyone loves finding a good bargain. It may require a little more time and effort, but nothing beats the feeling of finding an item for a fraction of the price. Sometimes you may not find the exact product you were looking for but it may be something that is very similar.

4. Supports Local Business

As many large retailers are trying to control the market, smaller businesses sometimes find it hard to keep up. These large companies seem to take the personality away and become very corporate. Shopping for preloved items means you are contributing and helping smaller local businesses.

5. Getting more for your money

High end items can be an expensive purchase. Sometimes people may be more drawn to a certain brand over any other brand. Taking the time to have a look and explore your options will allow you to have a wider choice and you may find a brand that you are not aware of and may be just as good quality or even better.


Urban Glam Life is happy to support the “One Size Left Shop” on Vinted. A great place for Preloved Fashion. Here you can find a range of items for all. From the high street to designer Vinted appears to have it all. In addition this One Size Left helps local business too as it sources from the local area and still sells preloved fashion at ridiculously low prices! So as to support local businesses we will be posting 5 Top Preloved Items from “One Size Left” from Vinted every week giving you the opportunity to snap up a great find and low price!

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