On the 19th July 2021, the UK will come out of Lockdown. Since the year 2020 the World has seen a transformation from normal life to the restrictions put in place to help stop the spread of Covid.

Some people argue that we need to come out of lockdown as soon as possible for the sake of the economy and mental health. All has been done to stop the spread of Covid19 and people need to get back to normal life.

Others argue that we need to maintain hygiene measures and social distancing in order to slow down or stop the spread of Covid. Covid is here to stay so it is important to maintain some preventive measures.

What do you think ?

Some people are calling this a “Freedom Day”. While Politicians are urging us to stay cautious. With the amount of propaganda and public opinion circulating it can be hard to filter what we should do. This will be very confusing for many.

What we suggest is appreciate the unlocking of the restrictions, however, stay cautious. Even though the State thinks it knows what’s best for us it is important we also know what’s best for ourselves. We should still wear masks in areas of high risk. For example if you see a empty train carriage with a handful of passengers, then you could argue not wearing a mask. But lets say you get on a full train with people sneezing  and coughing around you, then wearing a mask would be advisable.

It is important we know Covid cant just disappear. Just like the Flu and other viruses it is here to stay. So we must be cautious.

Wear your mask when you feel at risk in high populated areas. Still wash your hands for 20 seconds and more! Still wipe down surfaces and maintain high hygiene levels.

In terms of socialising I heard an very interesting comment from a friend. They said we should be careful with who we socialise with. If the person you are socialising puts themselves at risk by not staying cautious it is common sense to know that you too will be put at risk as the ones you are socialising with do not protect themselves, so therefore not protecting you. This is true because on their return from an afternoon brunch with a friend, the friend had then called her back to the following Monday to say she has caught Covid19. And just 2 days ago they had lunch together.

Covid is here to stay. That’s the main message.

Still continue to protect yourself and others.



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