Urban Glam Life was recently given the chance to trade at Leeds Kirkgate Market. This was new territory for us as our business has been focused on being online  This was an event for new and upcoming businesses to sell and promote their brand to the general public. Since the 1st Covid19 Lockdown Urban Glam Life has been enjoying it’s transition from an arts and entertainment platform to a established online retail outline. Some may argue what is it that we are doing that’s different to the likes of JD, Footlocker and Footasylum. Well the difference is BIG!

Our aim is not to replicate or copy existing retail outlets but to create a niche lane where we can secure rare sizes and designs. We spend a lot of same researching, negotiating and ensuring we get the best deals, rarest and un-common styles, then pass on the savings and discount to our customers often able to offer below the full retail price. Occassionally you can pick up a real bargain!

Check out some of the styles we have in stock…


After 2 days at the Leeds Kirkgate Market we were able to make a lot of customers happy, with the purchase of their trainers as well as clothing. We were extremely happy to serve a single mother who was struggling to buy clothes for her son as she could not keep up with the cost of brand names and designer items her son wanted. With us she was able to purchase a pair of Running Shoes which were originally £54.99 but was able to buy it from us for only £25! In addition to this she also bought a trendy Nike bag for only £10 which was originally priced at £19.99… Now that’s a bargain deal…We were a bit puzzled to be honest but when she turned round we realised she was carrying a Footlocker bags over her bag. So we came to the conclusion she should have browsed our items 1st because she would have made a massive saving! Literally with us you can save anything from £10 to £30 on most trainers we sell. So when we say we offer trainers at great prices we mean it!


Although we are some way away from opening our own physical retail store, it is something we want to do some day. However, trading at Leeds Kirkgate Market helped us to do some market research, promote our online store and make a few customers happy with their purchases. Although we continue to be an online business we will continue to pop up across the country at Markets so you might find us in your town. If you do, don’t wait to snap up a great deal or bargain.

Remember, if you snooze you lose…




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