Fashion Nova is a US based retail brand which uses “Social Media” as its main marketing tool with an influx of Models, Celebrity’s and more to interact its clothing brand with consumers.

I Saw It First is a UK Brand which focuses its attention on trending Pop Cultures as well as Social Media to market its clothing brand to its customers.

Well, this was not going to be some university assignment but a brief opinionated perspective one both clothing brands. Off the cuff just the name “Fashion Nova” kind of roles of the tongue quite seductively suggesting its a brand that has a more sensual (mature word for sometimes quite sexual and provocative clothing) appeal its nature. When you eventually do browse the collection you see why as many of the models you see make you think, hmmm, this pose should be a poster! in all positive respects. In short you can say the models are fine and from a male perspective you drift off think more of the model then what she is wearing lol…


Fashion Nova also makes me suggest its a ring off the word “Hova” which is to suggest they are the God of Clothing! An interesting perspective if you break it down like that.

I Saw It First on the other hand suggests right away what it might be about! Whoever saw it firsts gets the it first.. They are a brand that also pays attention to trending cultures, it too has adopted sensual or sex appeal to its marketing using highly attractive models while mixing the Odd Plus Size model in their for Diversity. Its easy to tell Fashion Nova is US Culture lead, while I Saw It First is influenced by US Culture it still retains a somewhat British appeal in its use of slimmer models and a little less adventurous while Fashion Nova tends to reveal a bit more skin or shape.


In terms of quality I would say their are evenly matched. The feedback I have got from buyers of the brands say equally praising or constructive comments about each other. However, as a online retailer stocking such brands we have noticed a different pattern of buying as first expected.

Initially when we stocked our Fashion Nova items we felt it would be something in demand. The fact that UK customers would not have to wait long for international delivery and also get it at a cheaper price it would be a done deal. Not that we regret it but it did not go as first expected. Then over weeks the interest started with the odd sale from time to time. So we outsourced I Saw It First and stocked a few items. The same thing! Not much interest then over time the interest came in.

One reason for this is maybe women are more cautious shoppers taking into account authenticity and price comparison before buying. One thing you do not have to worry about @urbanglamlife – Everything we sell is 100% authentic and genuine. We also keep receipts and records to squash any malicious disputes. We want to a unique retailer selling items we feel are trendy and value for your money! We always try and get you last remaining sizes at a below retail price where we can.

We also think the clothing market is more aggressive than the Footwear Market! Although there are various options in both Clothing and Foot Wear we feel brands such as Nike and Adidas lead the way in the Sneaker Game while Clothing tends to have a few more categories and different brands asserting their dominance in the market place.

So what is the outcome between Fashion Nova and I Saw It First. Our verdict is that they are both brands that deserve its merits. They both cater for a diverse audience while keeping its roots. For women out there with a bit of shape and need clothes to accommodate then Fashion Nova does this. If your a little slimmer and want to look confident and sexy then I would say I Saw It First.

That’s our opinion. What’s yours ?



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