Today, Urban Glam Life has reached a fairly monumental milestone in evolving into a Niche “Lifestyle & Shopping Brand”. During the 1st national lock-down we decided as “online” was the way of the future lets pull our creative ideas and resources to provide a unique service to our audience. That service is bringing you trendy clothing, footwear and accessories at low prices. And not just any items, we select designs we feel gets you value for your money. Any choice selection from us means you will get a item that makes the statement your personality is trying to express or an item you just can’t find anywhere else. With us you can “Trend or Thrift”. Either way we have something for everybody.

It has taken us 10 months to reach this milestone and it would not be possible without the support of our staff. Well when I say staff its only like two, but over the next couple of months we are planning to start recruiting freelancers to help continue to develop and evolve the urban glam life brand.

We would like to thank all our customers for their trust in us. Out of 100 customers we have achieved a 74% – five star rating. So basically 3 in 4 people give us a five star. This is not to say we do not appreciate constructive feedback as it helps us improve for the future. You have to remember this is new territory for us and as we continue to grow we will also want to learn more, which we hope will lead to an even more improve customer shopping experience. With that being said we can’t ignore we also get a 24% – Four star rating which means 1 in 4 people say we provide a “Good Service”. We will snatch that with both hands for a brand which has only entered the ecommerce realm less than a year ago.

This blog is not to boast or shout about our success although many motivators would say you should. We just want to show you as a Lifestyle and Shopping brand you can continue to build your trust in us and shop online with us with out fear. If I told you what we have to go through and what we have to do, you would ask yourself is it worth it for us. But at the same time we also have a “Passion for Fashion”, so why not have a niche shopping platform that represents the culture/urban culture.

Help us get to 200! Check us out and have a browse… We have over 300 items on sale now! Sneakers, T-shirts, Bags, Dresses, Tops, Bottoms, Jackets, with a majority of our items below the average retail price. Remember, we are a boutique so you will have to thrift through for your sizes. When the style and size match what you are looking for, then go ahead and secure your purchase with an expected delivery time of 3-4 days.

Have a Happy Urban Glam Life Shopping Experience…




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