A lot has been said about the conduct of Professional Footballers. From the sex parties to the breaking of Covid19 regulations which has been heavily publicised in the media its hard to paint a positive perception of Football Players but there has been one player which has caught my eye and that is Wilfred Zaha!

Zaha has taken the Knee before…

Despite what you think of Zaha he is a talented player and exciting to watch. Why he did not cut it at Manchester United is anyone’s guess but if he decides to come to Arsenal FC I would have no complaints. Zaha has recently refused to take the knee because he has had enough. He does not see the point of taking the knee to show that your life matters. The ‘blacklivesmatter initiative should be something tackled with “Actions” rather than taking a knee for a minute and that is that. Another point he mentions is why should I kneel to to show or prove my existence. I have to say he may have a point! What does taking the knee really achieve ? If it is not achieving nothing then what is the point doing it.

People hold up a Black Lives Matter banner as they march during a demonstration against racial inequality in the aftermath of the death in Minneapolis police custody of George Floyd, in Washington, U.S., June 14, 2020. REUTERS/Erin Scott

Personally, I have always been a believer Charity begins at Home. As a Black Community you can not tackle issues of Racism until you get your own house in order. For example, after visiting Leeds for a Day I came across the #blacklivesmatter march happening in City Leicester. What I did not understand was why the same Black people who were at the #blacklivesmatter march were now giving me dirty looks. I did not know them nor ever saw them in my life. It was strange. You just came from a #blacklivesmatter protects. What made it even worse it was in a Black populated area of Chapeltown – very strange!

Back to Zaha, has experienced online trolling by Racist and has urged Social Media companies to do more. I have to agree. I experienced years of online “Stalking” which I had to report to the Police. It was since investigated but just a few months ago I had a strange influx of online perverts calling my Facebook wanting to Masturbate themselves on a Video call. I mean it was literally every 15 minutes. My phone would not stop! After I spoke to one guy he said he had saw my Facebook profile on one of them companion websites. I started laughing. So some Troll put my Facebook profile on a nasty website which resulted in this nastiness. Sometimes it is not even a friend, it can be someone closer to home, like a family member.

Regardless, it seems like some people take to the Internet to spread negativity and bully and it is up to all of us to put a stop to this. I may not agree with everything Zaha has said or done but I will say he has a very valid point. Actions do speak louder than words! But if the Actions are worthless than what is the point ?

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