Scientist have finally came up a reasonable theory to explain why Men gravitate to curvier women. As we said many years ago the laws of attraction is influenced by the drive to re-produce. Let me explain…

A Biologist by the name of “Dr Jeanne Bovet” explored this theory as the likes of Kim Kardashian and Beyonce have become influential women in todays society she explained what made them more attractive. Dr Bovet explained that research showed traits linked to women who had a more WHR, the “Waist-to-hip” ratio. With a less Hourglass figure or a less WHR fell below. Meaning from the research you could conclude Men find curvier women more attractive!

However, you can only say a majority because there are some Men out there who prefer a more slim and thinner woman. So again, it is all about preference.

Dr Bovet also suggested age and pregnancy also plays a factor in this. She explained that as Women start to have children their WHR increases giving them less of a Hourglass figure. She said this might explain why younger women with a figure appear to be better candidates for bearing. These are obviously the results of some research done so it can always be scrutinised but it is food for thought.

Is it a bogus theory or are the Laws of Nature at play… What do you think ?



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