What is Plus-size ? To some it is a generalisation to describe a woman as having some body fat to her figure! Others are into Body Shaming and refer to Plus-size as fat. When we first started this brand in its early stages we were ridiculed for showcasing Plus-size models. Funny how trends change! With the emergence of Body Positivity we are seeing more and more women comfortable in their own skin and even pushing the boundaries. So what is all the fuss about ?

Plus-size TV Presenter and Friend run London Marathon for Charity.

A while back Victoria Secrets tried to throw their support behind the Body Positivity movement by introducing Hungarian model Barbara Palvin, who was excited and happy at the time but no one could have expected the backlash. Victoria Secrets was accused of using genetically perfect models for their brands. However, I think this terminology itself is negative towards the Body Positivity movement.

Is this a real Representation of Plus-size women ?

It is negative because who is genetically made perfect ? We are all made genetically perfect because 1st thing you are alive. We should be grateful and thankful we are born with full faculties before thinking someone has been born genetically perfect. I think the real issue is that Beauty is defined by a few and then influence others, when Beauty should be through the eyes of the beholder. Plus there are so many different shapes and sizes Plus-size can come in, some women are bottom heavy or Top Heavy, some women are both! Why should either women be categorized or be degraded in the classification of Beauty.

The great thing is that more and more brands are realising this and producing clothing that will compliment the female figure regardless of your shape or size. Such brands as Fashionnova and more are known for this as we as a online Boutique have stocked some of these items. At Urban Glam Life we try to stock clothes, styles and sizes that can accommodate more curvier and plus-size women. Here we have picked out some outfits for you…

Fashionnova “I Want You Back” Dress

£20 + Postage

Fashionnova “Zoned In Ribbed Mini Dress”

£20 + Postage



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