The gentlemen in the headline photo appears very awkward as accompanies the curvy and busty female off the Football pitch. This happened a while back during a Champions League Final. She ran across the pitch in nothing more than a Bodysuit which a revealing chest area! The stewards did not know where to put their hands let alone their eyes. If you look carefully, the second steward is looking behind the woman even though there is nothing there! I think we are safe to assume when it comes to plus size and curvy women, the rear will definitely get his attention. As for the other guy, he just looks so awkward!

AT least she did not invade the pitch naked! The female figure has always sparked controversy or room for debate! But why ? It seems like adding bum and breast to any topic and it becomes an issue when it is something totally natural. I think we fail to appreciate the “Original Woman”. Not only for her Beauty or Physical attraction but also for her gift of life! Let’s face it, the very thing that attracts you to a Woman is the same thing that motivates you to procreate. A rear end holds amino acids while breast are used for breast feeding – Get it!

Nature has its way and will always find a way! As for Body Positivity this should never really be an issue of any sort as if we accept Nature, then we should accept women will come in all shapes and sizes. The same way when a woman chooses a man, the same way a man will be attracted according to preference. Nevertheless, having a preference does not mean you can now Body Shame others! Nor should you feel uncomfortable in your own skin and be afraid to express yourself. The question is how much do you choose to reveal and is it in the right context. For example, you cant wear a scanty outfit to a primary school session ? Or even a figure shaping outfit may raise a few eye-brows.

Sticking to the subject of Football and Body Positivity, we always try and link our content to our Boutique. Here have selected some items that may interest you as a result of reading this Blog. Now we are not saying purchase a Bodysuit and start invading Football Pitches because that may come with a Police Arrest for Indecent Exposure! However, if you are comfortable and confident then you can mix it into a outfit and flaunt it this Summer!

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