The Sun always seems to breath new life, as I get up one morning to a guy doing a BBQ in his Garden, he was not wasting no time! Its a 11am, the sun is shining and this guys is full pelt on the grill! The BBQ was not the surprise but the feel good factor that seemed to have everyone feeling a way. Although Summer is not here yet, Spring introduces Summer so we do not have that long to go.

So why not get your Summer gear on from Swimsuits to Bikini Bottoms, and a nice pair of sneakers. If your not looking to head to the Beach this Summer then why not pick out a skirt, leggings, tops and t-shirts from our Depop store. We have been making a lot of customers happy with our selection of rare finds and great deals where you can make a saving as well as pick up a unique item. From Brand New to Preloved – there is something for everyone’s budget!

Below we have chosen some top picks for you this Summer which could go well with your summer ideas! Fashion Bloggers at your service! Enjoy…

“Brand New Golddigga Swimsuits – £20 + Postage”

Pick up a Swimsuit with attitude with this Golddigga Swimsuit with the red lips. Also available in Black and Pink– Must have for this Summer if you want to stand out!

“Fila Logo Swimsuit –

£20 + Postage”

Fila has always been a popular choice when it comes to Trainers and T-shirts but that logo on swimsuits looks just as good. If your feelin this Fila Swimsuit head to our Depop Store to secure it as we only have one of these left!

“Fila Tale Bikini Bottoms –

£15 + Postage”

“Puma Rebound Lay Up Hi Tops – £55 + Postage”

Try out these off-white Puma Hi Tops. A nice pair of sneakers to go with a Skirt or Jeans!

“I SAW IT FIRST – Mini Skirt

£15 + Postage”

“Check Out Our T-shirt Ideas


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