This month has been a very positive month for Urban Glam Life Online Selling Platform. Although we have not achieved the mass sales more corporate stores get, we have steadily been keeping our customers happy and enjoying a steady growth in sales. This month we have been able to satisfy 26 customers with quality clothing, footwear and accessories. We have also been ranked 15,616 out of 21 million global Depop users. In addition to this we have also enjoyed steady sales in our other online retail outlets.

The progress has not been easy and has not come overnight. Just the other day we had to challenge a decision after some trouble makers made complaints about things we were not doing. I guess you will always get them! As long as out customers are happy, that is all we care about! We would also like to emphasize that if you see anything on Depop you would like, please start and complete the sale on Depop. We are getting to many time wasters asking us to pay via Cash app. We even had one guy who told us to go and download Cash app like it was an order. One thing we will not tolerate is abusive and rude behaviour. We would rather say NO to a sale then serve a rude and disrespectful customer. It makes life complicated when there is no need for it.

Everyone is welcome to shop at Urban Glam Life! With us you can get rare finds, trendy designs and at good prices. If your polite and respectful we may even just go with your price as it is important we make a profit but even more important we keep our customers happy. There is no harm in being a nice customer!

For the next part of our evolution we have decided to dive into the Pre-loved market. For some time now Preloved Fashion has been on the rise and the negative association that were once attached have now gone. The beauty of Preloved Fashion is you can find designs that are discontinued and even rare at times. Personally, I would still buy a pair of classic Jordans or a Jordan jersey!

If you still don’t respect the Preloved Fashion Industry check these statistics out! The preloved industry in 2019 was said to be worth 28 Billion US Dollars. This does not mean we are worth that as we are just a small online business, but from that figure you can tell the preloved fashion industry is not to be messed with! You can buy serious quality designer and high-street items at cheap prices..

Over the next couple of weeks Urban Glam Life will be adding several Preloved items to its stores. You can mix it up with Brand New Items and Preloved Items and help stretch budget.



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