ZOOM & TEACH LTD would like to invite you to its FREE debut beginners course on “Buying & Selling” online. A carefully constructed course made up of a total of 30 hours designed to get you up to speed with the ins and outs of buying and selling online.

If you have never sold online or having difficulty selling online then this FREE course is for you!

This elevate you from beginner to being fully competent in a space of a 2 weeks. Just to give you a quick preview you will registered and signed up to the recommended selling platforms to best suit your budget, then step by step you will be taught the various methods you can use to source or buy your items and how to make a margin. Then the dos and don;ts as well as Fraud precautions and avoiding opportunists.

You will also have to opportunity to select selective items which have been allocated to kick-start your own store.

In addition to this your new store will be given a promotion boost as we utilize our partners and associates to advertise your store and buying from you!

What is even better, all this will be done online via ZOOM. There will be daily 40 minute online Zoom lesson where you will get the opportunity to tune in and get started. A great way for community learning too as great ideas are created when we come together and share.

If you are interested or just curious I would strongly advise you as the best way to learn about mistakes is to learn from other peoples mistakes. The online store supporting this venture is course “Urban Glam Life”, but before they started off it was difficult before finding the angle. You can avoid such unclear pitfalls and quickly start seeing the positive and productive side to online selling.

This course is part of a university course evaluation so you can rest assured you will be receiving a quality teaching program which has been reviewed and designed to a high academic level.

Just to give you an idea of the future of online shopping, in 2018 “Statistica” quoted 1.8 billion in online sales and people shopping online. The projected figure for 2021 is said to be dwarf to 4.8 Trillion.

This is to give you a serious picture of how the future looks. It is safe to agree that Covid19 has played a major factor in this but this will only give birth to new economies and potentially distance the digital divide between the “Haves and Have Not’s. By this one means not being tech savy or at least up to date with technology could only further create barriers to improve and enhance your career aspects, personal goals and quality of life. .

Our aim at ZOOM & TEACH LTD is to adapt to the changing times and embrace the use of technology as our professional teachers continue to deliver courses across a range of subjects online.

All classes will be held via Zoom with a experienced professional taking you through what is needed. Now, please, if you are not new to this then this is not for you. It will simply be repeating what you already know. But if you are new to this then this will help you get from that person who is selling 1-2 items a month to a good seller selling anything from 10-20 per month. That might seem a small number for some but it depends on what you choose to sell and how much you are selling it for. I will let you do the math. Below is a brief outline of our course delivery:

  1. DAY 1 – Buying & Selling Online
  2. DAY 2 – Sourcing Stock – SALE DAY
  3. DAY 3 – Online Selling Platforms & Social Media Marketing
  4. DAY 4 – Product Photography & Lighting
  5. DAY 5 – Customer Service & Fraud Detection
  6. DAY 6 – Postage & Record Keeping
  7. DAY 7 – Making It Work For You!

At the comfort of your own home you will be able to simply log on to the course and soak up the necessary knowledge, tips, cheats and much more to get you up to scratch and get you doing the things you want to do.



And lets not forget! And you get to learn new skills and techniques and apply them straight away. You also get a kick-start with some stock too. Wow – Your about to learn, enjoy it and get help in becoming an entrepreneur!

These are top designer high-street brands including Nike, Adidas, Puma, Clarks, Timberland, Fashionnova, I Saw It First, Fila, Levis, and much more!!!

Ambitious as it might sound, one thing is for sure is that the future of business is online. Purchase your course now and do not be left behind.

Course Start Date: 15th March 2021 to March 23rd March 2021



To register simply email the following with your name and the name of your proposed or existing shop and we will email you what you will need and a link to tune in via Zoom for the live Tutorial. There are limited spaces so please do not hesitate:



Learners who show and demonstrate a passion and desire to achieve will be offered exclusive access to a members only initiative where you can secure trendy items for your store at competitive wholesale prices with various online wholesalers and Drop-shippers. Wither you have the finance to restock or not, we will support you!

Choosing the right selling platform is just as important as the product you pick to sell ? Which one would you choose ?


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