The aim for Urban Glam Life was initially to be a platform for Beauty & Body Body Positivism. As we transition to a niche online selling platform we plan to continue on the foundations of which this platform was created and continue to source and stock larger sizes. According to statistics the majority of women in the UK are a UK Large which translates to 12-14 and then 14-16 and so on.

The difficulty securing stock of this size is that often the supplier does not even supply them! So sometimes, so not blame the retailer for not supplying bigger sizes. It may just not be their fault. I can say this from experience as a buyer for Urban Glam Life.

But when we do we ensure we snap it up quickly and also ensure we pass on the savings to you also helping you to get a quality reputable product but also at a good price. And don’t forget quick delivery too!

We just got some Ripped Jeans in ranging from a Size 8 up to a Size 16. We only have one of each size so it is 1st come 1st served! and you won’t disappointed. We also threw in some Jumpsuits so you have some options for your Spring and Summer look after we get past the lock-down! Keep your head up guys and stay safe.

Give our Depop Shop a a browse and you never know which design or size you might find!


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