Yes, you heard it right! We love Marvel Comics too! Well, not so much comics but Marvel Studios who are responsible for creating a range of Movie Blockbusters from Iron Man, Captain America and Black Panther to Civil War and Infinity Wars. My favorite movie to date is between Thor and iron Man.

It is not by mistake we have have chosen to review and give our feedback on Marvel. It is all linked but not necessarily. Let me explain…

  • Black Panther
RIP Chadwick Boseman

Last year we lost the late Chadwick Boseman who gave us brilliant performances as the Black Panther. His career was cut short due to Cancer and what a loss. Not just for his acting but as a individual who was also a family man and was loved by many loved ones as well as fans alike. One cant write too much about Chadwick as we were only blessed with his abilities for such a short time. he will surely be missed as I feel this was a role he could have owned and be remembered for. Wakanda Forever.

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  • Iron Man

I don’t have to say too much about Iron Man. He has been one of the main actors when the Avengers have assembled while also more or less being the face of Avengers alongside Captain America. Along with ,multiple movie blockbusters its hard to ignore the metallic suit which blasts out beams of powerful rays to defeat his opponents. You will see a lot of that when he fights Thanos in Infinity Wars.

The main reason I have highlighted Iron Man is because it has its link with Hip Hop. By this I mean, if you go back a few years to the times of legendary group “Wu-Tang Clan” you may come across a MC called “Ghostface”.

Ghostface used Iron Man saamples to create his skits and took on the persona of an Iron Man in the Ghetto streets. If you analyse that Psychological you can understand the Hero complex as you try your best to survive the mean streets in poor living conditions and a low employment rate. You may not physically have the suit but may have to out on a persona in order to not show weakness. When I was younger I was not in to comics much but listening to Ghostface I became more aware of Iron Man and decided to find out more about Marvel. The best way I would describe Marvel is a children’s book for adults but in movie form. Even if your not a fan you just need to check it out at least once. At I promise you, you may become curious to previous plots and it gets you!

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  • Cosplay vs Beauty & Body Positivity

The Body Positivity euphoria seems to have touched almost every corner of the globe. While exploring the world of Body Positivity we came across a number of models who have taken up something of a photo-shoot called “Cosplay”. I don’t know too much about Cosplay but the definition is the practice of dressing up as a character from a film, book, or video game. It is kind of like the Gamers Community where they have conventions and pageants. Body Positivity seems to always carry is negative connotations but if we put that aside for a second and just appreciate what some find interesting and actually have a passion in it. I mean there is worse things than dressing up as Wonder Woman. So in the interests of beauty have a few pics of some stunning women engaging in “Cosplay”.

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